AV Graft - Vascular Access

AV Graft

If the patient is advised for dialysis, access is required. One of the access is through Arteriovenous (AV) Grafting for hemodialysis. It can be created either in the arm or leg–preferably in the arm. In an AV Graft, a hollow synthetic tube is used to connect an artery and the vein. When one of the tubes is connected to the artery, the blood flows from high pressure through the graft(synthetic tube) in the low-pressure vein. Due to the flow rate in the graft, enough blood is transported into the vein for adequate hemodialysis treatment. 

Unlike AV Fistula, grafts do not require maturity time as they don’t have to expand before use. Usually, after 2 weeks of placing, grafts are ready to use. Since they are foreign bodies, they tend to create issues like clotting and infections compared to fistulas. Grafts may not be durable and may require mending or replacement annually.


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